Mantra and Vibrations

 Mantra and Vibrations

Mantra helps synchronise ourselves with the cosmic vibrations

Mantra and Vibrations 

        Mantras, deeply rooted in ancient spiritual practices, hold a profound significance and extend beyond mere recitation. Scientifically, mantras are regarded as a potent tool for altering brainwave patterns and inducing a state of relaxation and focus. The vibrations produced by chanting resonate not only within the practitioner but also in the surrounding environment, affecting both physical and energetic realms. 

        Quantum physics provides a lens through which we can understand the essence of mantras and their vibrational impact. Texts such as the Vedas delve into the intricate details of mantras, elucidating their connection with the fundamental building blocks of the universe. At the subatomic level, atoms and electrons are in a constant state of motion, emitting vibrations that permeate through time and space. This understanding hints at the possibility of time travel, as the resonance of mantras may transcend temporal boundaries, offering a glimpse into the past. 

-Tanmay Bhati


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