Which Gland is Impacted the most, while practicing Mayurasana, the Peacock Pose?

"Mayurasana teaches us that true strength arises not from force, but from the harmonious balance of body and mind."

        Peacock pose, or Mayurasana, is a yoga pose that mainly targets the abdomen area, specifically the solar plexus and the digestive organs. The pancreas is the gland that is most affected by Mayurasana practice. With the legs raised and the torso balanced on the hands, this pose compresses the abdominal region firmly.

Peacock Pose (Mayurasana)

        In Mayurasana, the pancreas is compressed, which is supposed to stimulate and massage the organ, possibly enhancing its function. Through the production of insulin and digestive enzymes, the pancreas plays a critical role in blood sugar management and digestion. Mayurasana is thought to improve insulin sensitivity and improve the condition of the digestive tract.

-Tanmay Bhati


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