Awareness is the key: how consciously we deal with yogic practices to increase awareness



"Note the sensations, sit wherever you are, close your eyes, and see the frequencies you emit with each pursuing thought that is cultivated within the sanctum of your brain. You will soon realize the power of observation, and soon you will be attuned to the cosmic arrays. and when you will come out, you will be a new YOU".

    Each and every one of us has a uniqueness. But still each day, each moment we try to be somebody else. We carry out most of our routine work unconsciously because it has become part of our neurological pattern. Knowingly and unknowingly we create and maintain a certain routine that takes away most of our time. From the moment we leave our bed to the moment we return to it, the same activity happens to us each day. 

a flower  (image by Tanmay Bhati)

    Awareness is the key, and it's the first lesson that Yogic Science teaches us. Being aware of everything within and without. It's like tuning your very self to that of the frequency of the cosmos. With each passing circumstance, you become an observer. You witness them all without being involved in it. The moments of happiness and the moments of sorrow, you witness them all. 

    Consciousness is the key, that you are alive and vigilant otherwise life's happening or not what's the proof? Addressing each sensation in yogic practices allows us to be more conscious. The initial step is to observe the breath, with each inhalation and exhalation, which we also call Puraka and Rechaka, we observe the flow of air through our nostrils. The way it enters, it touches the inner parts of our nostrils, thereby noting sensations of the flow of air we calm, harmonize, and integrate all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, pranic, psychic, and spiritual. 

    When you are unaware, you commit mistakes. The probability of committing errors is higher in a less-tuned awareness state. Yogic philosophies basically help you to reach the ultimate consciousness. the more you devote yourself to those practices the more conscious you become. When you are performing any asana, you logically devote your senses to all the sensations linked with the respective senses and that's what the definition of yoga is, "it's the union of body, mind, and soul altogether". 




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