Nuances of Yoga


All life we struggle to understand life itself and in this understanding we forget life as a whole. The concept here is, life is happening. Its happening in its own way and in an efforts to understand it, we rather flip. 


    Practising yoga each day plays a varied role in your energy levels. The yoga postures also called asanas purifies your body and thus relives your mind from all distractions. It is said that a lazy and despairing person will have uneven breathing cycles. By the practices of asanas, one can attain balanced synchronism between each inhalation and exhalation. 

    Surya-namaskar, the sun salutation is designed or gifted to us with a unique set of steps that instantly uplifts our thought patterns with each inhalation and exhalation of each set we carry. The asanas that are performed in sun salutation play a widespread role in managing our mood as well. It helps in hormonal balance and awakens the body's intelligence. 

    Life would have been easy if we would have gained control over these energy levels. We are undergoing sudden changes in our lifestyles from decades that descended on us from the ultimate level of blissfulness. Bliss, as we talk whenever we talk of spirituality is far from our sense of understanding. We got entrapped in the cycles of this life-death since the beginning. the energy we are in is the repercussion of our so many birth cycles. With each birth, we gathered experiences that sat in our subconscious mind permanently. We repetitively designed our life that way and so we find it difficult to come out of this lazy cyclical bonding that is deciding our karma in every action we perform. Through Yoga, we get an opportunity to break this bondage permanently. In my late articles, I will cover this subject also. 

        Let's understand this consciously. Sit cross-legged or in lotus posture with the spine erected. Think of your past day's activity. Have you stayed conscious throughout your day? You will remember it in one go, but the percentage of it is less than one. Why? It's because we practice distractions each day. 

        Remember a few activities that you underwent just now. Do you think you were tuned to your highest consciousness? Or were you available to grab every minute activity happening with awareness? No, I am sure you were not. And the core principle here is, you never pay even 20% of your conscious presence in your day-to-day activity. Here 20% is on the higher side. 

Nuances of Yoga

    On average, we have around 6200 thoughts per day. Do conscious beings generate these many thoughts? When you are aware of your time and space, you are aware of your energies. and when you are aware of your energies, your life happens the way you want. The simple principle is to work with your pranic systems. 

    In yoga, we master our Pranic system. The Panch Prana reverberates in their own periphery. A lethargic person has distorted energy patterns. Thus lives distorted life. 

     One aspect of Yoga is to accept the way things and situations are. It is completely your doing, and whether in consciousness or compulsion, you are drafting your destiny every single moment. Thus, with asana siddhi, you can bring your life back in shape. Whether half of your life happened, or you are at a dead end, no matter what. Just start drafting your destiny the way it has to. The very essence of Yoga is lying deep within you. The only thing left is to master the technique to identify that centre and bring that out to the world. It is only then the flower will flourish, and life will happen in full swing. 


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