Pineal Gland, The Third Eye (Consciousness and beyond)

I Have Three Eyes, 
One To Look,
Two To See

Above the two physical eyes, there exists a third one, The two will help us to see what is somatic, but physicality is no reality, the truth can only be seen with the third one, the intuitive eye, also known as the eye of wisdom.
- Tanmay Bhati

Pineal Gland- An Unknown Mystery -

The pineal gland, so named because of its pea-sized size and pinecone-like shape, is thought to be situated in the centre of the brain. There are numerous mysteries surrounding a tiny white object that is about a quarter of an inch in length and weighs a tenth of a gramme. But did you know that the precise purpose of the pineal body is still unknown? It is claimed to have supernatural abilities that are directly related to the Ajna Chakra, also known as the Third Eye Chakra, and are subsumed under the yogic philosophy and mythical worldview.

Blossom the pineal like the flower

There is a lot to discuss this gland because for years it has been an intriguing area for researchers to study the actual function of this gland. However, the main function is in the secretion of a hormone called melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone that controls sleep patterns in both circadian (circadian rhythm) and seasonal cycles. You can have a regular sleep cycle when melatonin is present, and studies have shown that melatonin levels generally decrease with age. It leads to less effective sleep, which is frequently correlated with advancing age or declining Circadian Rhythm.  

Research has also revealed that the pineal is a perceptive and tangled "Biological clock" that mimics and transforms cyclical nerve activity brought on by environmental light into hormonal data. Moreover, it collaborates with the hypothalamus, which is thought to control sexual gland activity.

Nils Holmgren, a Swedish anatomist, used a light microscope to explore the pineal region of frogs and dogfish. He unexpectedly came to the conclusion that the pineal had separate sensory cells that were related to the nerve cells and bear a striking resemblance to cone cells of the retina. Based on his observations, he postulated that in cold-blooded vertebrates, the pineal might serve as a photoreceptor or a "Third Eye."

Showing Pineal Gland at the Center of the Forehead

(Do you Know?

Circadian rhythms are regular cycles in our bodies' physiological, psychological, and behavioural responses. They mostly react to light and darkness in the surroundings of an organism. As an illustration of a light-related circadian rhythm, consider sleeping at night and being awake throughout the day.)

In Yogic Practices there are many yoga asanas that activate this Pineal gland, There is pranayama which is practised to create an extrasensory effect on this Chakra (Ajna or Agya Chakra), and there are Kriya's and Sadhna's that helps to attain high Consciousness and Perception. 

Keep the Pineal Gland operating and you will never grow Old, 
You will always be young - Edger Cayce

In my article, I will never mention anything that talks only about philosophies but rather scientific, because science has brought us to such an era that when once a thing was a mystery, now we call it a mobile phone. In this era, talking absurd and beyond imagination kind of a thing is merely illogical, Pineal Gland is one such topic which has been moulded and distorted by many. And when this science combines with Yoga, Yogic Science has a lot to do with the anatomy and physiology of being, rather than just body movements. 

Clarity, intuition, focus, and extrasensory awareness are all benefits of the Glandula Pinealis (Latin name), which is frequently referred to by mystics and seers as an organ of the Highest Universal Connection. A pleasant mood is the result of stable and sufficient pineal gland secretion, which demonstrates that pineal gland secretion governs and moderates one's mood. Neuroscientists have studied this gland and found that it has a lot to do with your mood.

Yogic Practice for the Pineal Gland Activation-

"No knowledge is knowledge unless it is experienced"

"When you focus your sheer attention at the centre of your eyebrow, just at the point where there is Pineal Gland, with eyes half open and half closed, maintaining awareness with your inhalation and exhalation, slow and fast, and as you reciprocate your inner energy with that of the ultimate cosmic energy, you begin to activate the Chakra, known as the Third Eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra. There is rhythm and frequency with which the energy reciprocates within oneself. The whole energy from the body is concentrated at this one point inducing warmness thereby leading to consciousness. The whole energy of the body rushes to this one point. The whole mandala that is created has a prolonged Effect on your entire aura. The mind calms itself, forgetting all the holds that you create over your unnecessary materialistic bandages and freeing you from a logical mind that is wholly and solely responsible for you to see things and situations not as they are but with your ego. This self-realization is not easy to attain but once to even touch a bit of that experience, you surely are on a path meant to be, and with a high purpose anyone could see. " 

I will make myself very clear on whatever I mentioned above, that the Sadhna, has a lot to do with your entire purity and deeds. Your acts should be in favour of the entire humanity and work for all and should not nudge selfish acts or motives in every aspect. This provides additional benefits to your sadhana because impure energies can never concentrate or focus a hundred per cent on their sadhana

    As Maharshi Patanjali in Yoga Sutra states Yama, Niyama, Asana  Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyan, and Samadhi, It clearly states Yama and Niyama placed before Sadhan. Yama (abstinences) and Niyama (Observances) both deal with moral ethics and social discipline oneself. 

Simply by having the knowledge of the anatomy of the Pineal Gland and its working, you will understand how important it is to practice to activate it. In my coming blog, I will write a few simple activities which will help actively in regulating this gland, the Pineal. However, there are Tappa, and Sadhna just like the one I mentioned above, which can too be practised, but here I need to state that, without proper knowledge and guidance you should never practice intense sadhana. 

As Eden Phillpotts, an English author said, "The universe is full of magical things, patiently wait for our wits to grow sharper". I hope this article of mine will help you understand how the Pineal gland has been correlated with the Third Eye, and just like the Adiyogi, Shiva, is said to have opened his third eye. We all should access the path of truth-seeking of this primordial eye in the way we work, love, and seek knowledge, because above the two physical eyes there exists a third one, The two will help us to see what is physical, and the physicality is no reality, the reality and truth can only be seen with the third one, the intuitive eye, and that will make all the difference. 

(Writing on "the Pineal Gland", was on request by one of my friends from Brazil)

-Tanmay Bhati

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