The Big Bang and The evolution

The Big Bang Theory has completely changed my life - Jim Parsons


The Big Bang -

In a split second, the Universe grew from nothing. According to the Big Bang theory, this world began to exist some 14 billion years ago, and it did so for reasons that are still not fully understood. The beauty that exists today was generated by the biggest eruption. It's hard to imagine, but according to this hypothesis, the cosmos grew from an unimaginably small size—smaller than even an atom—to a trillion kilometres in just a fraction of a second.

We call this event a Big Bang!

the big bang

Out of nothing, it was created. Do we have evidence for the big bang, or is it merely a model developed to explain the universe? Most scientists use the mainstream model of the Big Bang as a paradigm to help them better understand the cosmos. There are many reasons why someone came to this conclusion, but the primary one is that the universe is still expanding. If we measure the distances between planets, stars, and galaxies, we find that they are getting farther apart day by day. This increase in distance is too small to interpret in a single day, but sequential regular study to it clears it up more. We have determined its origin, as well as the rate at which it is expanding. We determined its beginning and duration of existence. Therefore, it simply means that the entire universe was only influenced by an object with an infinite temperature that was the size of a grain of sand or even less. Furthermore, as it grows, the energy cools. 

The energy so produced in the process was converted to the following:

1. Energy is partially transformed into matter, such as hydrogen and helium. Stars and galaxies are created when some of these substances condense.

2. Heavy elements produced by stars are known as dust, which is later transformed into planets.

William Blake said in one of his Poetry: 

"To see the world in the grain of sand 
and a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your Hands 
and Eternity in an Hour."

The true meaning of life won't become evident to us until we get rid of the garbage we carry with us every day. When everyone agrees that education is the only way to remove all of life's shackles, it is irrelevant to talk about anything else. There is another way to look at things, but because of the experiences we have had, we tend to perceive things from the perspective of recollections. Since the cosmos was constructed before we were ever born, someone was still in charge of it all. So who are we to claim that things would be worse without me?

We should not live irresponsibly as if we would never die; rather, our very life on the surface of mother earth should be in synchrony with it. The only real thing is death, and the rest is a daily fiction you already live. Why do we worry so much daily if we are only a spot in this vast cosmos and when there is darkness, we are no more?

Man is a Muzzy; he spends his entire life trying to figure things out until he realises, on his deathbed, that he has been going in circles all along.

Well may be there are tomorrows and maybe the distance between the planets and galaxies will not be the same and will increase with each day. But there is yet another day in our life to show us that in this motion around the universe, I shower you with infinite possibilities. These are just like the words I heard by a Masterpiece Actor of Indian cinema Irfan Khan who passed away today, after battling with Neuro-Endocrine cancer, he said in his last audio message, "When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade. Sounds good..., but in reality when you actually get a handful of lemons (difficult time), then making lemonade isn't that easy, but then what choice do we have, other than to stay positive. In situations like these, it's up to us to make lemonade." 

Tanmay Bhati


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